Detailed Programme

In Memory of Felix Koschin (1946 – 2009)

Wednesday 26 Aug

17,00 – 19,00 REGISTRATION

19,00 – 21,00 WELCOME PARTY

Thursday 27 Aug

8,00 – 9,00 BREAKFAST

9,00 – 10,30 PLENARY SESSION (Conference Room) Chair: R. Hindls

  •          OPENING CEREMONY (R. Hindls, W. Ostasiewicz, R. Zimka
  •          KEYNOTE SPEECH

o    R. Zimka: Dynamic Modelling of Economic Processes – Celebration of the Derivative of a Function

10,30 – 11,00 COFFEE BREAK


  •          METHODOLOGY I (Room A) Chair: S. Heilpern

o    H. Řezanková, D. Húsek: New Developments in Fuzzy Cluster Analysis

o    M. Ryšánková, H. Řezanková: Dimensionality Reduction for Ordinal Data

o    J. Špirková: Utility Function in an Insurance

o    O. Vilikus: Clustering Data Based on Directly Unobservable Attributes

  •          MACROECONOMICS I (Small Room) Chair: E. Zimková

o    L. Pečený: Temporal Disagregation of GVA in Construction Sector

o    K. Makovínyiová, R. Zimka: On the Necessary Condition for the Bifurcation of a Torus in a Macroeconomic Model

o    L. Valentová Půlpánová: Empirical Analysis of the Czech Macroeconomic Consumption Function

o    P. Medveďová: Dynamic Model of Small Open Economy Under Fixed Exchange Rates

12,30 – 14,00 LUNCH


  •          METHODOLOGY II (Room A) Chair: H. Řezanková

o    A. Dekrét: On the Hartwick´s Rule in Multidimension Case

o    J. Kahounová, J. Vojtěch: Limiting Probability of Random Sample Maximum

o    C. Kozyra: Fitting Gluten Quantity and Gluten Index in Mixture Model of Base Flours

o    I. Pecáková, O. Vojáček: Discrete Choice Models

  •          MACROECONOMICS II (Small Room) Chair: S. Hronová

o    J. Čadil: Time of Crystal Analysis (GDP Predictions in Crisis)

o    E. Zimková, V. Úradníček: Impact of Economic Crises on Convergence Processes

o    E. Mazurek: Influence of Child Tax Credit on Inequality in Gross and Net Income in Poland

o    P. Coufalová: Methods used for Price Measurement

15,30 – 16,00 COFFEE BREAK


  •          METHODOLOGY III (Room A) Chair: E. Jarošová

o    S. Heilpern: Some Generalizations of the Binomial Distribution

o    P. Pešout: Model-based Curve Clustering Using Unsupervised Learning

o    M. Prokop: Categorical Data Analysis in R

o    R. Pavelka: Application of Density Mixture in the probability Model Construction of Wage Distributions

  •          HUMAN CAPITAL (Small Room) Chair: J. Fischer

o    V. Jeřábková: Unemployment in the Czech Republic and its Prediction Based on Box-Jenkins Methodology

o    J. Borůvková, B. Minařík: The Linear Regression Model of Education Expenditure in the EU

o    A. Kaščáková, G. Nedelová: The Tendency of Slovak University Students in Their Future Economic Activities

o    K. Vltavská: The Impact of Human Capital on Labour Productivity in all Industries in the Czech Republic


Friday 28 Aug

9,00 – 10,00 BREAKFAST


  •          FINANCIAL MARKETS I (Room A) Chair: J. Treąl

o    M. Boďa, M. Kanderová: Testing the Validity of the Black Version of the CAPM

o    M. Cícha: Risk-neutral Options Pricing

o    M. Baąta: Nonparametric Estimation of Log Volatility with Wawelets

o    A. Nikodem: Approximation of the Stop-Loss Premium for the Compound Poisson Distribution


  •          BUSINESS ECONOMICS (Small Room) Chair: A. Dekrét

o    P. Laco: Impact of Seasonal and Cyclical Variations on Tourism Businesses in Slovakia

o    P. Král, V. Hiadlovský: Predicting Financial Distress of Slovak Companies Using Fuzzy Sets Theory

o    P. Klímek, M. Kovářík: Alternative Use of Control Charts in Compamy Financial Proceeding

11,30 – 11,50 COFFEE BREAK


  •          FINANCIAL MARKETS II (Conference Room) Chair: W. Ostasiewicz

o    A. Iwanicka: Some Approximations of Ruin Probability in Finite Time

o    P. Zimmermann: The Settlement Process and Its Properties

o    M. Peřina: Longevity in Insurance

  •          DEMOGRAPHY (Small Room) Chair: L. Svoboda

o    E. Kačerová: Migration, Mobility and Trade Flows Between Selected New EU Members

o    T. Fiala, J. Langhamrová, J. Langhamrová: Changes in the Age Structure of the Population in the Czech Republic and Economics Consequences

12,50 – 13,00 CLOSING CEREMONY (Conference Room)

13,00 – 14,00 LUNCH

14,30 – 19,00 BOAT TRIP

Saturday 29 Aug

9,00 – 10,00 BREAKFAST


Bus to Buchlov and then touristic paths with different difficulty. Possibility to viewing Buchlov Castle, Brdo Tower, Buchlovice Chateau, town Velehrad, oppidum etc.


9,00 – 10,00 BREAKFAST


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