Matej Bel University, Faculty of Economics, Department of Applied Informatics, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
The University of Economics, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Department of Statistics and Probability, Prague, Czech Republic
Wroclaw University of Economics, Department of Statistics and Economic Cybernetics, Wroclaw, Poland

6th International Scientific Conference
Applications of Mathematics
and Statistics in Economy

September 4-5, 2003

Banská Bystrica


List of Accepted Participants

The registration of incoming participants will be in the premises of Faculty of Law, Matej Bel University in the city Banská Bystrica  (Address: Právnická fakulta, Komenského 20, Banská Bystrica) [see the map – green circle]
on Wednesday (September 3) from 4 p.m. till 9 p.m.
Thursday (September 4) form 8 a.m. till 10 a.m.

On Saturday (September 6) free time activities are organised for participants of the conference. Two tourist routes in nearby mountains of various difficulty are planned. Individual visits of the city centres and historical places in Banská Bystrica and Zvolen and their neighbourhoods are possible. Further information can be gained at the registration and during the conference.

Theme of Conference
Applications of mathematics and statistics in economy.

Aim of Conference
To acquaint the participants of the conference with the latest mathematical and statistical methods that can be used in solving theoretical and practical economic problems. The presentation of research results achieved by the participants in this field.

Scientific Committee
Doc. Ing. Miroslav Abrahám, PhD. (Banská Bystrica), Chairman
Doc. RNDr. Rudolf Zimka, CSc. (Banská Bystrica)
Prof. Ing. Richard Hindls, CSc. (Prague)
Prof. Ing. Stanislava Hronová, CSc. (Prague)
Prof. Ing. Ilja Novák, CSc. (Prague)
Dr Ludwik Adamczyk (Wroclaw)
Prof. dr hab. Walenty Ostasiewicz (Wroclaw)

Organizing Committee
Doc. Ing. Miroslav Abrahám, PhD. (Banská Bystrica), Chairman
Doc. RNDr. Rudolf Zimka, CSc. (Banská Bystrica)
Ing. Peter Laco, PhD. (Banská Bystrica), Secretary
Mgr. Leontína Striežovská (Banská Bystrica)

Papers and Conference Proceedings
Papers dealing with the applications of mathematics and statistics in economy are welcomed. They will be published after positive reviewing in the Conference Proceedings. We expect to obtain these papers in English typed in MS Word, 6 pages maximum, font: Times New Roman (size 12), line spacing 1,5. Papers should include: Name of authorTitle of paperkeywords (5 maximum), References (Author, Title, Place of Publishing, Publisher, Year), Resume (10 lines).
They should be handed over to the Secretary at the conference or earlier in printed version and also in electronic form on floppy disc 3,5’’ or by e-mail.

Working language
English, Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovak.

Conference site
The conference will be held in the premises of Faculty of Law, Matej Bel University in the city Banská Bystrica. The city can be reached easily by train, bus, plane or car.

Map of Banská Bystrica: extra small
200×154 (28 KB)
800×616 (360 KB)
1000×770 (551 KB)
1638×1261 (1,3 MB)
Legend: blue colour – The Faculty of Economics (Ekonomická fakulta UMB)
green colour – University hostel (Právnická fakulta UMB) – where the Conference will take place
pink colour – Dormitory of Faculty of Economics (Študentské domovy) – where the Welcome party will take place
turquoise colour – Bus and railway station (Autobusová a vlaková stanica)

Lodging and board
Double rooms are available for participants at the University hostel. They can be booked for the period September 3 – September 7, 2003. Price for one room per night is 500 Slovak crowns (SKK). Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available and can be booked (breakfast 60 SKK, lunch 100 SKK, dinner 80 SKK). On September 4 a welcome party is planned for the participants.

Lodging and board charges will be paid at the conference.

Conference fee
Conference fee is 1600,- Slovak crowns (SKK). It should be paid by bank transfer not later than July 31, 2003. The number of account  is 67037-6902312/0720 (National Bank of Slovakia), variable symbol: 0325. The fee includes admission to the conference, the proceedings of the conference, refreshments and admission to the welcome party.

Further information can be obtained from the Secretary of the conference at the address:
Ing. Peter Laco, PhD., Mgr. Leontína Striežovská
Tajovského 10
975 90 Banská Bystrica

Phone: ++421 / (0)48 / 4462414, 4462416
Fax: ++421 / (0)48 / 4152793
internet: http://www.econ.umb.sk/khi/konferencia

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